Red Wine
Vino Rosso
Vino Speciale
Vino Dessert
House Wine
Chianti, Merlot, or Cabernet Sauvignon
Glass $5.95
Ajello Majus Rosso Nero D’avola (Sicily)
Medium bodied with layers of rich tannins and spice.

Fratelli Revello Dolcetto d’Alba (Piemonte)
Big and juicy with bright fruit.

Cataldi Madonna Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Tuscana)
Brambly, peppery, spicy with a dry finish
Martunge Merlot, Vignalta (Colli Euganei)
Round, ripe attractive red fruit. Clean, lean and fresh
Zaccagnini Sangiovese (Marche)
Youthful and assertive. Displays zesty fruit and light spice and a hint of cedar.
Dievole Chianti Classico (Tuscana)
Spicy, cherry and earthy flavors.
Sensi “Testardo” (Super Tuscan)
Soft, full bodied with notes of dark berries, plums, vanilla and cedar.
Castello di Poppiano Syrah (Colli Fiorentino)
Ripe black fruit, sweet notes of oak, marvelous sweet bouquet.
Leone de Castris, Salice Salentino Riserva (Puglia)
Ripe and full flavored, with hints of spice.
Pervini Primitivo di Manduria, “Archidamo” (Puglia)
Believed to be the origin of Zinfandel. Spice blackberry flavors. Interesting complexity.

Monile Valpolicella di Ripasso (Veneto)
Full bodies, great structure, ripe style.


Salvalai Amarone (Veneto)
Rich, opulent. Redolent of bitter cherries, plums, smoke and roasted meat.


For your special occasions or just extra pleasure, we offer a selection of the very best wines produced in Italy. These wines offer added complexity, flavor and elegance. Ricardo’s travels have brought him to all the growing regions of Italy and Sicily over the past nine years. He has amassed a wealth of expertise when it comes to the wines of Italy. Over and above the wines offered on this wine list, Ricardo has approximately ninety-five additional single vineyard estate bottled wines in his personal collection. These are wines that he has an affinity for. He would like to share these wines with you and your guests. If you would like advice on pairing a wine to compliment your entrée selection, please feel free to ask for Ricardo’s advice.


Ask your server about our availability of after dinner dessert wines, ice wines, liquors and selected coffees.