Ricardo, our proprietor, is a well-seasoned traveler who has explored Italy and Sicily extensively. His love of the culture, the cuisine, and the wines of Italy has compelled him to open this Café Trattoria.

The word trattoria is derived from the French word traiteur, "to treat," which was applied to the activities of small cook shops. In Italy, the trattoria is a local eatery, less elegant than the ristorante and with a limited, seasonal menu prominently featuring the chef's specialties. Trattoria are traditionally family operated, modest in size and reasonable in price, though in recent years many trattoria have become large and quite fashionable.

The atmosphere of the trattoria is reminiscent of the trattorias Ricardo has frequented in his travels in Taromina, Messina, Tuscany, Firenze, Livorno, Pisa, Citaveccia, Roma, and Venezia. A visit to Ricardo's is a guaranteed fine casual dining experience, influenced by the cuisines of every region of Italy. All the dishes offered are prepared to order, utilizing the finest and freshest ingredients available as selected by the chef. For North End-style dining in historic downtown Lowell, a visit to Ricardo's Café Trattoria is a must.